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Photo of Joey Zelinka

Joey Zelinka

Joey Zelinka, originally from Cooper City, Florida, lives in Atlanta.  His remarkable culinary career began as a food service specialist 2nd class (e5) in the United States Coast Guard, where he went from e-1 to e-5 in just under a year and half of service.  Joey worked his way up the hierarchy chain in Atlanta restaurants, with notable engagements like executive chef of the soundtable, which won the acclaimed top 9 dishes of 2011 (creative loafing), and top 50 restaurants of 2012 (ajc), and as chef/owner of pop up restaurants junk food, and babcia’s fine polish food.  With a desire to learn how Soho has thrived for twenty years, Joey has made it his home, and the vinings neighborhood loves him for it.  On his days off, he is an avid university of Miami sports fan, (especially football), and you can find him spending time with his wife Jenn, and their adorable daughter Sophia.